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Lies of P: Table for Cheat Engine {Etzikun}

Infinite Health
Infinite Stamina
Infinite Legion
Infinite Fable
Perfect Guard Window Multiplier
Infinite Items
Item Highlighter
One Hit Kill Targeted (on hit)
Instant Stagger (on hit)
Speed Multiplier (All, Target, Self)
Default Ability Pointers (still 100 hard cap)
Damage Pointers
Humanity Pointers
Quartz Core Level Pointer
Various other pointers

Changes to update version:
Added infinite sharpness
Added unique signatures to AOB scans (should be more stable)
Added player speed to speed mult script
Added some features/pointers to item highlighter

Weapon Editor/Item Editor, proving a little stubborn as IDs can seem to change. However, I have managed to change a weapon to a special weapon by replacing the blade struct and handle struct with that of a specific weapon by brute force.

Please let me know if you find any issues/bugs/scripts not working as intended or pointers that have no in-game effect.

Author: Etzikun

The source of information - Lies of P

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