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Lords of the Fallen (2023): Table for Cheat Engine {cfemen}

[Main-Menu] CheatManager
Constructs the cheat manager so you can use cheat commands like God
Needs to be activated in the main menu - otherwise it won't work!

Create Console
Construct the console, you can open it with ~Tilde
If the cheat manager is constructed you can use commands like:
FOV 90
Slomo 2
Slomo 0.5

Set Console-Key To F1
Use this script in case Tilde is not working coz of your keyboard layout

No Stamina Battle Consume
Do not activate in main menu, while activation the script is getting the current pawn - so it needs to be activated if your ingame!

Mana Regenerate
As title says, mana will auto. generate as soon you stop using any spell

Simple thread that allows you to freely explore the world, you can go up or down with space/ctrl

Add 1000 Vigor
Each time you enable this script you get +1000 Vigor
If you want to change the value, open the script at line 5 and look for:

local VIGOR_TO_ADD = 1000

Change the 1000 to anything you want!

Set Agility To X
Set Inferno To X
Set Endurance To X
Set Radiance To X
Set Strength To X
Set Vitality To X

Enabling any of this scripts will show up a input window, type in any amount you want.

+Pointers to the current Ammo/MaxAmmo, so you can freeze or alter them if you want.
( yes it's normal that the visual value ingame does not get updated )

Author: cfemen

The source of information - Lords of the Fallen

DOWNLOAD (3.4 Kb) 2023-Oct-15

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