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Mega Mall Story 2: Table for Cheat Engine {lmrlmax}


1. Level Up Store
- This is for level up screen for store / shop / facility
- Activate Script > Level Up
- Qual and Stock to 9999 [Recommended Script]
- Allocate Points
- Qual
- Stock
- Upgrade Pointer
2. Store Pointer [Click Store] [Permanent Change]
- You can edit: Quality, Reputation, and Stock
3. Store Pointer [Click Store]
- You can edit almost all value in Store / Shop / Facility
- [Can Change, But will Revert Back If You Click The Store Again]
- If you change value it will take effect, but don't click the same store again, Because it will make the value revert to original
- Red Address is where the value will revert back if you click the store again
- Day change will make value revert to original
- Recommend Use: Activate Script > Click Shop / Store / Facility > Back, do it for all store / shop / facility

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