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Mega Man X Dive Offline: Table for Cheat Engine {neroxros}


1-FREE Shop Items (makes all shop items cost 0 Zenny/Gems/Coupons)
2-Infinite HP
3-Infinite Air Dash (hold the dash button to fly indefinitely)
4-Infinite Jump
5-Infinite Dive Trigger
6-No Skill Cooldown + Infinite Ammo + Rapid Fire
7-One Hit Kill
8-Instant Charge Shot (for First Armor X, Omega, etc)
9-Pause Stage Timer (for easier mission completion)
10-Pause Jakob Elevator Timer
11-Make All Characters Rank 5
12-Make All Weapons Rank 5
13-Max Level Weapons
14-Max Level Cards + 5 Star Rank
15-Max Level Chips + 5 Star Rank + Max Analyze
16-Movement Speed Modifier
17-Repository Quantity Modifier

Making all characters rank 5, maxing out weapons, etc:
Enable the script in the main menu, then visit the character tab, be sure to scroll all the way down (this is so the script can edit all entries) then escape back to main menu and disable the script. Once you enter the character tab again, all characters should be Rank 5. Scripts 11 to 15 all follow the same process.

Repository Quantity Modifier:
This script allows you to change the quantity of ALL items in the repository. Simply enable the script in the main menu, then you'll see a new entry in cheat engine called "Quantity". Whatever value you change Quantity to, you'll have that many items in your repository. Keep in mind this will affect ALL items in the repository, chips, materials, everything.

Author: neroxros

The source of information - Mega Man X Dive Offline

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