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Metro 2033: Redux - Table for Cheat Engine {mul0}

[Player] Infinite health
[Player] Infinity flashlight
[Player] Infinite filter time
[Player] Infinite bullets money
[Player] Infinite mask
[Player] Super speed
[Player] Super sprint
[Player] Super crouching
[Player] Jump levitation (hotkey "Space")
[Player] Field of view
[Weapon] No reload
[Weapon] No spread
[Weapon] No recoil
[Weapon] Rapid fire
[Weapon] No jammed
[Weapon] Max pressure
[Weapon] Infinite throw items

The most important things you need to know about some of the functions:
Function "Infinite health" - Makes you immortal.
Function "Infinite bullets money" - Gives you an unlimited amount of ammunition like in-game currency. (For the function to work, you need to change the type of ammo in the weapon)
Function "Infinite filter time" - Infinite oxygen for the mask.
Function "Infinite mask" - Mask's infinite durability.
Function "Fall protection" - Complete protection from falling from a great height.
Function "Super speed" - Changes your character's movement speed.
Function "Super sprint" - Changes your character's movement speed when sprinting.
Function "Super crouching" - Changes your character's movement speed when you crouching.
Function "Jump levitation" - Allows you to fly around the map (when jumping) using the "Spacebar" hotkey.
Function "No jammed" - All your weapons will never jam.
Function "Max pressure" - Maximum pressure for guns.
Function "Infinite throw items" - Gives you an unlimited amount of grenades, knives and so on.

Author: mul0

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