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MindSeize: Table for Cheat Engine {anon9}


  • No Mod Credit Cost
  • Max HP / Get HP Address*
  • 0 Damage While Shielded*
  • Max -1 Nanobots on Use
  • Fast Max Special Power
  • No Special Power Use
  • No Jump Limit*
  • Force Double Jump*

Do not use Max HP and 0 Damage together as this will cause you to take damage extremely rapidly. It will be 0 damage, but unless you want to hear an annoying number of hit sounds a second, don't do it.
0 Damage While Shielded requires you to have shields.
No Jump Limit requires you to have at least 2 jumps. At least 3 jumps recommended.
Force Double Jump allows you to double jump right away. The table defaults to 3 jumps for compatibility with No Jump Limit. (Note, you must jump and land at least once after activating the script to activate it (triggers on landing).

Author: anon9

The source of information - MindSeize

DOWNLOAD (6.1 Kb) 2021-Sep-11

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