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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - Table for Cheat Engine {Setzer}

Current Features:

  • Infinite character edit vouchers
  • Material-less melding
  • Infinite Kamura points (I'll do Zenny soon since it should be just as easy)
    • Your count of points is still checked atm. I need to remove the check
  • Infinite hotbar items
    • Just the decrement is disabled atm. Another one I need to remove the check for.
  • HP Decryption - HP Values of the player and monsters are decrypted in memory - Not currently working. Does anyone use this?
    • Do not change the Marker value
  • Player value retrieval - gets several pointers to things I've found - not current working. Does anyone use this?
  • Max stamina - No stamina usage! Simple as.
  • Infinite wirebugs

Author: Setzer

The source of information - Monster Hunter Rise

DOWNLOAD (20.9 Kb) 2023-Apr-28

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