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Monster Hunter: Rise - Table for Cheat Engine {Insterluda}


Inf Hunger & Stamania
Max Life & Recovery HP never stoping
Inf Sharpness + white sharp level script which displays you pointer to:
Sharp Level, Sharpness, Sharp_Duration
PlayerInventory & Box 99 Items (be careful, it can cause a save fail, I am separating each and placing a pointer on it, so you can edit on your own) also it can cause a crash.
Player immune to any knockbacks.
Player Main Camera Static address
Inf wirebug
Collect Multiplier & Rewards x99
Instant Quest & Return to village
Instant Quest complete (to give you time to harvest)
Element Def updated to -> Armor & Element Def maxed
Unlimited Quest Clear CD.

Author: Insterluda

The source of information - Monster Hunter Rise

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