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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Table for Cheat Engine (Steam) {seikur0}


-Main (which contains the anti-anti-cheat script, in case you want to start modifying the game yourself)
>>>Infinite Crafting (aka "you want me to collect mushrooms and murder monsters for parts? no.")
>>>Collector's Luck (aka "give me those rare caves, monsters, eggs and materials")
>>>Channeled Monsters Stay (aka "friendship forever, nobody is allowed to leave.")
>>>Register All Genes (aka "Project X")
>>>Free The Colors (aka "why game devs")
>>>Enable Quick Finish for previously defeated Monsters
>>>Defeated Monsters retreat
>>>Always able to fly
>>>Monstie Size Multiplier
>>>Inventory Editor (aka "now people can put mantles in their herb bags again, jk")
>>>>>>Collect one of every non-story Item (aka "I found that, it's mine now.")
>>>Character Editor
>>>Monstie Editor (aka "several monsties ended up as weird and sad hybrid creatures for this")
>>>Weapon Editor
>>>Armor Editor
>>>Talisman Editor

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