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Monster Sanctuary: Table for Cheat Engine v0.10.2.7 + DLL {cfemen}


-Get Monster Pointer
activate script
press escape
now Monster 1-6 slots will be filled with:
Monster Name (Dont Change It)
Mana (you need to have a fight before this value can be found)
Current EXP
EXP Needed
Skill Points

deactivate script after escape press!

Universal Inf. Health Script

Remove Skill:
while script is activ you can unskill every learned skill, you get the skill point back and the skill gets legit removed.
(you need 1 skill point for it)
(you may need to combine it with Ignore Level Cap to remove some skills)

Ignore Level Cap
you can skill even if you dont have the required level ( activate before you open the skill menu)

Author: cfemen

The source of information - Monster Sanctuary

DOWNLOAD (509.2 Kb) 2020-Sep-18

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