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My Time at Sandrock: Table for Cheat Engine {DrummerIX}


Activate Trainer
Activate Trainer 2.1
Activate Trainer 2.1b
Activate Trainer 2.1c
Activate Trainer 2.2
Activate Trainer 3
Activate Trainer 4
Activate Trainer 5
Activate Trainer 6
Save Current Trainer Values
Load Current Trainer Values
Change Slot Config Description
Enable Damage Modifier Options (God Mode, One Hit Kill, etc.)
God Mode
Hero Damage Multiplier
Hero Healing Multiplier
Hero Party Cannot Die
One Hit Kill
Enemy Damage Multiplier
Enemy Healing Multiplier
Freeze Time
Time Scale Multiplier
Enable Gols Multiplier (Loss and Gain)
Gols Gain Multiplier
Gols Loss Multiplier
Enable Item Gain or Loss Multiplier
Item Gain Multiplier
Item Loss Multiplier
Enable Stamina Loss Multiplier
Make Each Action Take Only 1 Stamina Point
Stamina Loss Multiplier
Enable Fast Crafting
Enable Relationship Favor Gain or Loss Multiplier
Favor Gain Multiplier
Favor Loss Multiplier
Enable Machine Fuel Cost Multiplier
Fuel Cost Multiplier
Stores Have Infinite Stock (Requires Item Gain or Loss Option To Be On)
Items Always Max Grade (Highest Quality)
Set Default Player EXP Multiplier
Player EXP Multiplier
Enable Knowledge EXP Multiplier
Knowledge EXP Multiplier
Infinite Knowledge Points
Always Able To Do Commissions (More Than 1 Per Day)
Enable Player Workshop Reputation Multiplier
Player Workshop Reputation Multiplier
Enable Player Walk/Run Speed Multiplier
Run Speed Multiplier
Enable Player Dig Radius Multiplier
Player Dig Radius Multiplier
Infinite Use Items
Add Custom Multiplier To Every Buff From Items
Custom Additional Buff Percent From Items
Can Stay Up Past Midnight Without Penalty
Enable Override Attributes (Luck, etc.)
Override Player Luck Stat
Change Stack Size of 999 To 99999
Make Item Stat Components Custom Level Upon Creating Item
Custom Item Level On Creation
Enable Plant/Fruit Growth Rate Multiplier
Plant Growth Multiplier
Fruit Growth Multiplier
Dew Collector Gains Dew Fast
Enable Override Machine Production Item ID (Furnace, etc.)
Override Production Item ID
Set Default Item Bag Slot Multiplier (720 Max Bag Slots)
Item Bag Slot Multiplier
Force Cheap Unlock Cost of Bag Slots (Use With Above Option That Allows More Slots In Bag)
100% Critical Rate
Start A New Game With 239 Bag Slots Unlocked
Easy Win Dance Mini Game
Easy Pickup of Relics From Ruin
Easy Win Whac-A-Mole Game
Can Gift NPC Unlimited Times Per Day
Make Certain Buffs Infinite
Enable Currency Multiplier (Loss and Gain)
Currency Gain Multiplier
Currency Loss Multiplier
Add Bonus Amount Commissions Able To Be Taken Per Day
Bonus Amount Commissions Taken Per Day
Always Win Critters Round
Number of Times Can Play Critters Per Day
Speed Up Research Always Cost 1 Data Disc
No Level Requirement For Equipment
Adding Bag Slots Cost No Gols
Easy Sand Fishing
Bait Always Attracts King Fish (Quit/Reload Sandrock To Reset Bait Back To Normal)
Can Always Do Fang's Experiments
Infinite JetPack Fuel (Can Always Jet)

Author: DrummerIX

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