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Nine Sols: Table for Cheat Engine {CatAgain}


1. Invulnerability

2. Low Health (to let you activate some skills)

3. Infinite potion

4. Infinite jump

5. Infinite dash

6. Ignore crafting requirements (only activate it when crafting)

close scripts below when items are not moving

7. maxium Gold, Skill points (activate this when you are purchasing or learning skills)

8. Infinite arrow

9. Infinite Qi

10. get_playerGamePlayData
After activate this script, there will be some value below. Change them if you want.

Troubleshooting Guide:

1. You have killed all the enemies in the room, but the door still hasn't opened.
- Go back to the menu and deactivate the health-related scripts before you pass that part of the game.

2. Some boxes or machines are not working.
- Deactivate the scripts related to Qi, money, and arrows before you pass that area.

3. The map is not showing.
- Deactivate the scripts related to Qi, money, and arrows, then reopen the map.

4. Some scripts are not working properly, or you receive a 'Nearby Allocation' error.
- Go back to the menu, and then activate the scripts you need.

Author: CatAgain

The source of information - Nine Sols

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