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Nine Sols: Table for Cheat Engine {Send}


• God Mode
• Easy Kills
• Increased Attack Speed
• Grapple Hook Teleport (Increased flying speed, pretty much teleports you to the grappling anchor.)
• Disable Grapple Hook Cooldown
• Disable Dodge Cooldown
• Infinite Jumps
• Infinite Medicine Pipe
• Infinite Energy/Qi
• Increased Drop Rates
(Not 100% sure if this is working correctly, still in tutorial. Should guarantee gold, ammo, and whatever else enemies drop. Enable at main menu or load a new map to update the default values if in-game.)
• Blind Enemies
• Movement Speed Multiplier
• X Multiplier (Left/Right)
• Y Multiplier (Up/Down)
• Important -> Use really small increments! (Example: 1.00005)
• Player Data (Jump To Populate)
(Slowly working through the values and flags in Player Data to remove anything useless.)

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