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Nioh: Complete Edition - Table for Cheat Engine {squerol}

That's for what was the "Auto Assemble script" in my cheat table for - to prevent auto-restoring speed value to "1" all the time. On 1.21.04 version of game William was "stuttering" all the time if You set any speed different than "1" because that. To fix that I've just "found out what writes to this adress" on speed multiplier adress and then "noped" the instructions found there and the speed value became constant after that.

The scripts named "Movement Penalty", "Sloth Talisman", "Lightning" again were just "noped" instructions. I've made them because after "noping" the instructions in script named "Auto Assemble script" to fix William stuttering, applying ANY debuff/buff which touches speed multiplier makes target freeze in place. And - surprise - it will freeze not only player, but also enemies. So for example if You get hit by sloth talisman by Onmyo Mage You will get freezed forever. Or if You hit any enemy with lightning element weapon and debuff them with lightning status (which slows target down) enemy became freezed forever too. It was game-breaking problem.

So again, same method to fix it like with William stuttering - "found out what writes to this adress" on speed multiplier adress, get debuffed with sloth/lightning/any speed buff/debuff, "show disassembler" on instruction which showed up after You got debuffed, "nope" it, done. Results? "Noped" buffs/debuffs no longer works and because that can't freeze anything. Simple.

By the way Thank You very much dear mr. Deathwing Zero for updating pointer to speed adress for 1.21.05 version of game. I've updated rest of scripts (all adresses in scripts just got moved -20). Also I've made alternative cheat table which disables paralysis debuff completely so You can't be debuffed by it but enemies can't be debuffed by it too.

Thank You Arthandas too for notifing about Nioh getting updated and for starting troubleshooting about speed mod here.

Author: squerol

The source of information - Nioh: Complete Edition

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