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No Man's Sky: Table for Cheat Engine {YoucefHam}


Compact Mode- Hide Top Controls

     Make Cheat Engine Window Semi Transparent

     Hide Address Column

     Disable All ( Execute Disable Section)

     Disable All (Without Execute Disable Section)

     Freeze Game Process

     Reset Game Process

     Player Functions

- Inf Shield

- Inf Health

- Inf Oxygen

- Inf Hazard Protection

- No Hazard UI

- Inf Stamina

- Movement Speed Multiplier

- Inf Jetpack

- Jetpack Speed

- Inf Scanner

- Instant Analysis Scan

- Galaxy Map Movement Speed

       Player Currency

    Set To MAX

- Units

- Ninite

- Quicksilver

        Player Guns

- Guns No Recoil

- Guns No Overheat

- Gun Inf Charge Mining

- Gun Inf Charge Terrain

- Gun Inf Clip

- Gun Inf Charge Cloack

        Player Wanted Level

        Inventoiy Always In Range

        Ship Inventory

       Frighter Inventory

       Exocraft Inventory

       Set Items Max Stack to 9999 ( Hold Shift for Info)

        Set Items To Max Stack ( Open Inventory)

        Make All Slots Supercharged (Temporarily)

        Set Superchrged Slots Multiplier

        Get Hovered Item Pointers

        INVENTORY EDITOR ( Open Inventor}7)

        Resource Gather Multiplier

Author: YoucefHam

The source of information - No Man's Sky

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