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Nova Lands: Table for Cheat Engine {Garrett Dark}


- show XP
- show Skill Points
- show HP
- show Shields

Upgrade Timer (Camila & Armando)
- show Upgrade Timer
- No Upgrade Time

Combat Damages
- Player Ignores HP Damage
- Player Ignores Shield Damage
- 1-Hit-Kill, Bots Ignore Damage

Energy Rifle Ammo
- show Ammo
- No Ammo Drain when Shooting

Oxygen (Planet Side)
- show Player Oxygen
- show Oxygenator Reserves
- No Player Oxygen Drain

Instant Crafting
- Instant Crafting (Furnaces except Mega, Packager, Workbench, Barn)
- Instant Crafting (Assembler, Refinery, Accelerator)

Instant Harvesting
- 1 Layer - Most Objects
- 2 Layers - Hard Objects (Titanium & Behemuttium)

Space Station Asteroid Mining Oxygen
- show Ship Oxygen Reserves
- show Space Suit Oxygen
- No Ship Oxygen Reserves Drain
- No Space Suit Oxygen Drain

- No Fuel Drain for Power Generators
- No Component Consumption (Crafting, Upgrading, Fuel, Export, etc)
- Create Half when Halving Items

Author: Garrett Dark

The source of information - Nova Lands

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