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Octopath Traveler 2: Table for Cheat Engine {Raynard}


Item and stats/Money/Stats/Battle/Play Time/Summonable Character and Monster

Play Time 0
No Cost in Shop
Equip stats Editor
Set Extend Status
Extend EXP Bonus
Set Character's level
Max Money/HP/SP/BP/JP
Infinite Item/Summonable
No Encount/Force Encount
Ignore Demo PlayTime Limit
Field Command 100% success
Save current monsters and restore
JP/EXP/Money/Sell Price Multiplier
Overwriting to above rare 8 monsters
Always Max in Field/HP/SP/Potentiality
OHK/No SP/No BP/Shield 1 for Enemies
Doesn't change Time zone with over time
Preempt/Flee/Capture/Steal/Enemy Drop 100%
Start the battle with maximum HP/SP/Potentiality
Set JP EXP Extend Status/Align with member's greatest value
Max quantity what you already have/Consumable/Equip/Generic/All
Hikari's Learned Skills
Output Strong Skills/Strong Person
Add dropdownlist for Learned skills (1000-1500)
Save current skills temporarily/Restore saved skills
Overwriting skills to For Boss Battle/Normal Battle(Weapon or Elemental)

Author: Raynard

The source of information - Octopath Traveler 2

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