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Onward: Table for Cheat Engine {BubonicBarry}


ammo pointer (works without magazine)(must remove box mags from lmgs)
fire rate pointer (works on most guns)
underbarrel launcher pointer (works with smoke and HE ugl)
health pointer (works if you shoot your self when you spawn)(doesnt protect from tazers)
infinite tazer script (my favourite for not getting reported)
Y coordinate pointer- this one has hotkeys :
E- set value to 40 (top of map on downfall and other maps you can walk around ontop)
Q- set value to 10
W-increase value with 10
S- decrease value with 3 (going through floors and ceilings)
E(alternate)- set value to 135 (top of map on turbine)
S(alternate)-decrease value with 10(great for getting off of worldborders without being killed)

Author: BubonicBarry

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