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Orcs Must Die! 3 Table for Cheat Engine {Yellowsub}


[*]Easy 1 Click Scripts
[*]God Mode
[*]Inf Mana
[*]No Trap Cooldown
[*]Inf Ammo / No Reload
[*]100k Currancy (Spend something to activate)
[*]10k Rift Point (Activates when enemy enters rift)
[*]10k Kill Streak

[*]Player Name
[*]Player Hud
[*]Player Speed
[*]Run Speed
[*]Max Health Modifier
[*]Health Regen Rate
[*]Mana Capacity Multiplier
[*]Mana Cost On Move Ability Use
[*]Mana Cost Per Second For Move Ability
[*]Move Ability Cooldown

[*]Trap Cooldown
[*]Trap Reset Delay

[*]Ammo Count

[*]Coin Amount

[*]Score/Kill Streak Editor
[*]Total Score
[*]Score Per Rift Point
[*]Score Per Rift Point Random Mode
[*]Score Per Skull
[*]Score Per Second Over Par
[*]Kill Streak Count
[*]Minimum Kill Streak
[*]Minimum Combo

[*]Rift Editor
[*]Rift Points
[*]Initial Rift Points
[*]Rift Protected Count
[*]Rift Lightning Count
[*]Remaining Free Rift Subtractions
[*]b Is Go Break Active
[*]b Is Timed Break Active

[*]<-Go To Upgrade Book->

[*]Game Stats
[*]Enemies Spawned
[*]Onslaught Timer
[*]Current Wave
[*]Max Wave
[*]Endless Iteration
[*]Endless Max Wave PerIteration
[*]First Wave Start Time
[*]Completion Time

[*]Base Address's
[*]Player BASE
[*]Gamestate BASE
[*]Skull BASE

Author: Yellowsub

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