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Ostranauts: Table for Cheat Engine {Zanzer}


Object Pointers
Fast Work
Unlock Without Access Code
Easy Docking
Target Ship Docking
- Dock From Any Distance
Increase Stack Size
Disable Age Increase

Probably don't want to change your character's moods. The game doesn't specifically read the current stat value when determining which tags your character has. So you could end up with multiple duplicate tags of varying degrees. Such as the Family stat.

Inside the Conditions List, when you've right-clicked on your own character, some useful properties to look out for:

  • StatUSD is your money. Don't use this! The whole point of the game is you're poor and struggling!
  • You can adjust how much light you emit with IsCrewHeadLamp, IsCrewHandLLamp, or IsCrewHandRLamp. Requires save and reload. Properties won't show up unless you have a light equipped.
  • StatFatigueHealRate
  • StatFoodRate
  • StatHydrationRate
  • StatHygieneRate
  • StatSecurityHealRate
  • StatInstallRate*

When you've right-clicked a Supply Kiosk, the Ticker 1 pointer should show up as RestockSupplyKiosk.
You can just subtract 100,000 from the Epoch Start timestamp and un-pause the game to force vendor restock.

Author: Zanzer

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