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Outcast - A New Beginning: Table for Cheat Engine {Send}

• God Mode
• Infinite Shield (GOG)
• Infinite Shield (Steam)
• Infinite Oxygen
• Infinite Jetpack Energy
• No Weapon Overheat
• Infinite Miléa Power Use (GOG)
• Infinite Miléa Power Use (Steam)
• Instant Miléa Power
• Max Items On Gain
• Enable Item Loss Multiplier
• Item Loss Multiplier

You must have at least 1 item for 'Max Items On Gain' to work. The game has a max value for items. So you may see "-######, ItemName"
Item Loss Multiplier (affects quest items) set to 0 gives you unlimited ammo.
Infinite Milea Power stops the gauge from decreasing once full.
Instant Milea Power auto-fills and provides infinite use. Experimental, unsure if it affects anything else at the moment.

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