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Outer Wilds: Table for Cheat Engine {igromanru}


  • Hints
  • Scripts
    • Keep the game running in the background NEW
    • Player
      • Movement Speed Multiplier NEW
      • Infinite Health
      • Player takes no damage
      • Infinite Oxygen
      • Infinite Fuel
      • Infinite Jetpack Boost
      • Unlock all Frequencies NEW
    • Supernova
      • Show remaining time
      • Freeze supernova trigger
    • Freeze Anglerfishes
    • Steam Achievements
      • Unlock All Steam Achievements NEW
      • Reset All Steam Achievements NEW
  • Pointers
    • PlayerResources Pointer
    • PlayerCharacterController Pointer NEW
    • TimeLoop Static Pointers
    • OWTime Static Pointers (Read only, I don't recommend to change here anything, but it won't break the game, maybe only the current loop)

Author: igromanru

The source of information - Outer Wilds

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