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Palworld: Table for Cheat Engine {cfemen}

Table Options:

100% Capture Rate
-as title says

-no damage for player and player-pals

Player+Pals No Hunger
-as title says, won't work for pals that are already starving!

Get Monster (Party Mouse-Over)
-enable the script and go to your party view
-now hover over any pal to populate the pointers

-as title says
-use space to go up
-use shift to go down
-important note: it has a small chance to cause a cash on enable or disable, unfortunately there is not much I can do coz it's related to the way how cheat engine handels threads!

-Tech Points
-Ancient Tech Points
-Status Points
-Max MP
-Stomach Decrease Rate

Note to the Level Pointers for Player and Pals:
If you want a proper level up, set the EXP pointer to a high value!

That's it, I will might update the next days the table again with a feature to add/replace passive skills from the Pals.

Author: cfemen

The source of information - Palworld

DOWNLOAD (5.6 Kb) 2024-Jan-23

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