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Palworld: Table for Cheat Engine {tfigment}

Here is a more detailed Character Editor with most of the editable values and skills. You can view Passive Skills and edit them. Presumably you can also edit the Active Skills as well though I have not really edited those.

Because Passive Skills Array is small you cannot just add new skills without causing game to crash so don't try to fake the game into trying. I added a helper function to add new passive skills which you can copy from other Pals. I'm not going to try to figure out the Hash -> Name mapping from the game.

Note that I'm using named symbols which CE loads in the background after attaching to a game for the AddPassive function if it does not open please wait for CE to continue loading and try again. That or the game has been updated and its now broken or you are using a version other than the Steam version.

I should also note that the hashes that the game uses can change from Computer to Computer so please do not share hashes and also be aware that they can change if you load or unload the game or if the game is updated so please be careful with posting hashes and reusing them. I think the game does do some validation checks to prevent invalid codes but I've not tried it to see how it behaves.

Edit 2: Apparently stats may not be automatically applied and you may need to exit and reopen game according to noobgamer1016

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