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Papa's Freezeria Deluxe: Table for Cheat Engine {AbuAlMusafi}

Pointers :
<> Money
<> Tickets

Research :
<> Money
<> Tickets
<> Money Pointers List
<> Tickets Pointers List

Note :
<> I could not make Hack scripts for this because this game uses XMM registers for these values and I am not familiar with them, but you can make your own hack scripts I have added research scripts.
<> The pointers will load when you start the game, there is a slight chance they don't work on save slot 2 or 3 because I have not tested them in that save slots.
<> Edit values from pointers as you like ! (money don't include decimal in real value eg. game : 100.00 / Real 10000)
<> Most of main values are in double datatype.

Author: AbuAlMusafi

The source of information - Papa's Freezeria Deluxe

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