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Persona 5 Royal: Table for Cheat Engine {DaVinci030}

Cheats included:
Game Difficulty
Date/Time (Caution: Use at your own risk)
Weather - Usable for affecting shadows in Mementos.
--- Security Level
--- Casino Coins
--- EXP Up (max to 10)
--- Money Rewards Up (max to 10)
--- Item Rewards Up (max to 10)
--- Flowers (max to 999)
--- Stamps (Caution: If you set the random stamp exceeding max value indicated and you try to go to Jose's shop, the game will crash.)
Fusion Alarm [Velvet Room]
Daily Lives
--- Fishing Points
--- Secondhand Clothes Store Points
--- Sets the Protagonist to Tired - This triggers during Palace/Mementos infiltration and some story events.
Party Editing (Caution: Use at your own risk)
--- Line-Up
--- Navigator (Enable only One)
--- Official Codename on stat screen
--- Showtime
--- Misc flag (Spoilers ahead)
Stats (including Personas)
Social Stats - Knowledge (192), Kindness (132), Proficiency (87), Guts (113) and Charm (136)
Baton Pass
Technical Rank
Max Persona Slots - Set the max number of slots to either 8, 10 or 12. (Note: This was a confidant ability from Igor [Fool])
Confidants - Usable for unlocking confidant abilities during the battle in Palace/Mementos. Unfortunately this will not evolve your Persona if you set the rank value to max. (Caution: Use at your own risk when you try Kasumi, Akechi or Maruki before the Royal playthrough)
Romance Flag - This is for dating events like Christmas Eve (12/24), Valentine's Day (2/14), White Day (3/14).
All Personas in Compendium (Selecting the value indicated in the list will modify everything inside the Compendium.)
Thieves Den - P Medals, unlockable stuff, etc.
Infinite Bullets 

Author: DaVinci030

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