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Plants vs. Zombies: GOTY Edition - Table for Cheat Engine {mul0}

Table Functions:

  • [Player] Inifinte Sun - Infinite store of suns.
  • [Player] Infinite Coins - You need to pick up 1 coin
  • [Plants] Infinite Health - Immortal plants
  • [Plants] Rapid Fire - Rapid firing for all plants (On all the plants)
  • [Plants] Fast Reload - Fast recharge plants on the panel (On all the plants)
  • [Peashooter] Homing bullets - Changes for "Peashooter" type of bullets
  • [Plants] Fast Recharge (Chomper , Exploding potato mine etc.) - Fast ability recharge for plants
  • [Plants] Mass planting of plants - Planting plants in all cells (Vertically)
  • [Plants] Planting plants wherever you want - Planting plants in any cell
  • [Plants] Freeze the "Plants ID" for planting (Hold the key "E") - Freeze the ID of the plant you last planted
  • [Panel] Change the "Plants ID" on the panel - Enables you to change the plant IDs in the panel
  • [Game level] Change the level - Enables you to change the level of the game
    • You need to enter the level, enter the level you want to change to and restart the level
    • The maximum level is 50.
  • [Dzer Garden] Resources - Changes the quantity of resources for the Zen Garden
    • Fertilizer for plants
    • Bug spray
    • Chocolate
    • Music for plants
    • Hand for moving plants
    • Truck for transporting plants
    • Unlock the Tree of Wisdom
    • Snail for the garden
    • Tree food
    • Wisdom tree level
  • [Zombie] Zombie size - Resize the zombies
    • The default value is (float)1
  • [Zombie] Zombie movement speed - Modifies the zombie's walking speed
    • The default value is (float)1
  • [Zombies] Fast Waves of Zombies - The zombie wave is coming in very fast.

Author: mul0

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