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Pokemon Unbound: Table for Cheat Engine {Keks4Gaming}


-----Item Editor-------
You can edit or add every item that is in the game it should be self explained.

-----Player Editor-----
Some Player related values like Name, Gender, ID's Money etc.

-----Team Editor------
Base Values:
-Status Condition: You can set the Condition to the one you want, and ya you can see the turns sleep remains
-Level: Only to view, i tried modifying it, but it ends most of the time with a freezing game, maybe you have to change exp too, dont know yet
-Pokerus remaining: Every Pokemon has this, even if they never had the Pokerus now. If the Pokerus heals out this value is set to 0. NOT FOR SETTING POKERUS
-Values: the rest of the base values can be modified until the pokemon levels up, then the values go back to the normal one.

Author: Keks4Gaming

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