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Prince of Persia (2008): Table for Cheat Engine {mul0}

Table Functions:

  • Change Prince Skins - Changes the skin for the prince and Elika
  • Fast climbing up the walls - A quick animation of the prince climbing up the wall
  • Fast climbing down the walls - A quick animation of the prince climbing down the wall
  • Fast moving on the railing - A quick animation of the prince climbing the railing
  • Fast running on the walls - A quick animation of the prince running on the walls (Left or right)
  • Fast movement on the ceiling - A quick animation of the prince moving across the ceiling
  • Fast gliding on platforms - A quick animation of the prince while sliding on the platforms
  • Player Teleportation [To teleport in the direction of the camera - Press key "T"] [Freeze the Fall - Press key "F"]- Lets you teleport the prince to the side where the camera is directed. ("1" to go up at coordinate Z and "2" to go down at coordinate Z)
  • Enable teleportation to any location [Menu on the "TAB"] - Allows you to teleport to any open/closed location (In the TAB menu)
  • Successful Capture of an Unlocked Point - Allows you to capture a closed or open location (If it is available for capture)
  • Instant Point Capture - Instant point capture without long animations
  • Complete protection for black mud - Full protection from black dirt
  • x2 Damage - Double damage to enemies
  • Jump Hack[Hold "Spacebar" after jumping][Press "Q" to accelerate] - Allows you to levitate from the side of the jump.
  • No Collision [Hold key "SHIFT"] - Completely disables character colision
  • Light Mode - In moments where the game is completely black it makes it lighter.
  • Elika Rescue Height - Allows you to set the height from which you will be rescued by Elika
  • Add Light Seeds [Press key "G"] - When you press the "G" button, it adds you Light Seeds
  • Infinite Use Elika Help[Use "Space" + "E"] - You can spam Elika's save button an infinite number of times.
  • Climb Height [Hold key "R" and climb up] - Allows you to set the wall climbing height for the prince

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