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Project I.G.I.: Table for Cheat Engine {Heaven_HM}


  • HEALTH - Shows total Health,Damage, Use 'UnlimHealth_XPHit script for Unlimited Health
  • WEAPON - Shows Current Weapon Id, Total Weapons.
  • AMMO - Shows ammo of all available weapons.
  • POSITION - Shows Player and Camera positions.
  • ANGLE - Shows Player Angle in Vertical/Horizontal.
  • PROFILE - Shows Player profile Name/Current Level,Password/Active Mission and more.
  • PATH - Shows Level, Resource Path and names.
  • SCRIPTS - Includes Unlimited Health,Underground Walk,Undetectable Camera ,Free Camera mode and Freeze Height.
  • DEBUG - Script containing for enabling DEBUG Mode in game prints lot of data on screen for player/game.
  • MISC - Includes Game Frames FPS,Game Screen,Game Music,Game Items,Game Error/Warning,High Jump.
  • POINTERS - Includes pointers to Player/A.I, Weapon/SFX.
  • QTASKS - Includes Task Id's of PlayerAttach,Camera,FreeCamera etc.

Cheat Engine LUA Scripts include.

  • FREE CAMERA- Enables Free Roam Camera for all levels.
  • DEBUG MODE- Enables DEBUG mode shows information related to Player/3D Models.

Author: Heaven_HM

The source of information - Project I.G.I.

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