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R-Type Final 2: Table for Cheat Engine {ndck76}

Infinite Lives *Hotkey Included*
Freeze Lives *Hotkey Included*
Instant Beam Charge *Hotkey Included*
Instant Max DOSE/Special Gauge *Hotkey Included* {You need to activate this cheat first and when it's full, deactivate it}
Infinite DOSE/Special Gauge Usage *Hotkey Included* {After you deactivate the cheat above, activate this}
Max Score *Hotkey Included*
Infinite Continues *Hotkey Included*
1 Billion Credits *Hotkey Included* {Purchase anything in the shop}
1 Billion Etherium, Solonium & Bydogen *Hotkey Included* {To be purchase in the shop}
Speed Hack *Hotkey Included* {This game can be fast. This will help to slow it down a bit. Deactivating this cheat will return back to normal speed}

Author: ndck76

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