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Rain World: Table for Cheat Engine {Ch3wzz1e}

Num0 - give ~1 min of mushroom effect (slo-mo)
Ctrl+Num0 - activate slo-mo
Alt+Num0 - deactivate slo-mo
Num1 - reset rain timer (if rain has already started this and other rain timer related things have no effect)
Ctrl+Num1 - freeze rain timer
Num2 - add ~5m to rain start time
Ctrl+Num2 - add a lot of time before rain starts
Alt+Num2 - make rain ~5m closer
Num4 - throw spears with a bit better damage (has no effect if playing as Hunter, probably)
Num5 - activate/deactivate infinite jump
Num6 - activate/deactivate jump boost
Num7 - better stealth, most enemies will ignore you or aggro only when close, but not tentacle rape f*#@rs tho
Num+ - reinforce karma (as if eating karma flower)
Alt+Num+ - disable karma flower effect

Author: Ch3wzz1e

The source of information - Rain World

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