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Raji: An Ancient Epic - Table for Cheat Engine {kajih}


  1. Unlimited Health
  2. One Hit Kill
  3. Unlimited Special Attacks
    • Must have at least one attack orb for script to work.
  4. Infinite Favor Orbs
    • Must have at least one favor orb for script to work.


  • UI indicator for health will drop by at least 1, this is normal as the update to the GUI happens prior to assigning damage. The script will prevent damage but the GUI will always display 1 damage, the actual player health does not reduce however.
  • Favor Orbs are locked at 1, which may prevent you from unlocking the "Favor of the Gods" achievement. This is deliberate to make sure you don't unlock it before unlocking the other level related finding the orbs and completing the game achievements. To bypass, you can edit the script and change the line mov [rcx+000000C0],#1 to mov [rcx+000000C0], (float)15 and then pick up one favor orb. The achievement should then pop.

Author: kajih

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