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Refund Me If You Can: Table for Cheat Engine {Glowmoss}

This Table includes:

  • can auto open and attach to the game
  • after closing the game you can quickly reopen it and reattach with the scripts
  • Set Time
    • Timer (in secs)
  • No DMG
  • Inf Jump
  • Inf Flashlight
  • Player Speed
    • Speed (defaults Walk=4 Sprint=6)
  • Bright shoulder light (fullbright when in the map)
  • Enemy Can't ATK
  • Coords
    • Fly (is really weird, even if it seems you aren't moving you are just so slow till it goes faster)
      • num 8 = +X, num 5 = -X,num 4 = +Y, num 6 = -Y, num 7 = +Z, num 9 = -Z
      • Freeze YZ (only have this enabled when loaded in it will crash if you leave it on to go to the menu)
        • It freezes y and z as they are weirdly connected
    • Teleport to blue light
    • Teleport to yourself
    • Teleport to campfire
    • Teleport to Secret Art
    • Teleport to End Bed
    • X
    • Y
    • Z

Author: Glowmoss

The source of information - Refund Me If You Can

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