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Remnant II: Table for Cheat Engine {cfemen}


Patch Exec Flag
allows to execute functions with the console

Enable Console
as title says, you can open the console with the ~Tilde key

Set Console-Key To F1
use this in case you can't open the console with Tilde coz of your keyboard layout

Cheat Manager
constructs the cheat manager, you need to execute this in the main menu

Try Give Resource
script opens a input field that needs the follow format: Item|Amount

Material_Scraps_C|100 = will add to the inventory 100 scrap parts.

List of Resources.


Note: the script can only give you the item if the class is loaded by unreal!
That means you probably can't spawn high tier resources from the beginning!

Note 2: using this script will cause that the game crashes if you go back to the main menu, UE5 does not like Lua threads...
But normal level loads will work fine after spawning!

+1 Trait Point
each time you activate this script you get +1 trait point

Refund Trait Points
as title says, resets all traits and you get all the spended points back

Replenish All
gives you full health + ammo + mod charges + dragon hearts

Set Current Weapon Full Auto + Super Fire-Rate
you current equipped weapon will shoot full auto with a high rate of fire, you might need to activate this again (e.g if you die)

Set Current Weapon Damage To X?
open a input field that allows to set the desired damage amount of the current weapon, you might need to activate this again (e.g if you die)

No Damage Fall Off At Range
as title says

God Mode
toggles the god flag, you might need to activate this again ( e.g reloading your savegame )

Disable Sway

No Recoil

Replenish Dragon Hearts

Replenish Ammo

Charge Mod

Inf. Ammo Clip

Inf. Reserve Ammo

Author: cfemen

The source of information - Remnant II

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