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Resident Evil 2 (SourceNext): Table for Cheat Engine {EyeOfTheMind86}

The table currently offers the following:
1) One Hit Kill: One shot everything, bosses included.
2) God Mode: Sets character's health to max, doesn't suffer damage, and prevents/heals poison.
3) Set Infinite Weapon when firing: After firing once, the current equipped weapon will have infinite ammo until the end of the game, you can disable the hack after that. Keeping the hack on will trigger this effect on any equipped weapon once shot.
4) Saves Always 0: The save counter will be set to 0 once saved.
5) Super Speed: Deltas are affected, the main character will walk/run faster. Keep in mind when climbing certain platforms, the character may get stuck in certain areas.
6) Game Time Always 0: The current game time is always set to 0.
7) Open Item Box Anywhere: Self explanatory, you can open the storage box from anywhere.
8) Open Save Menu Anywhere: Allows to open the save menu from anywhere, ignoring ink ribbons.
9) Go To Main Menu: Just a fast shortcut to go back to the main menu while in game.
10) No Clip: Allows the main character and enemies to walk through walls, it can be useful to move away from certain areas when stuck.
11) Door Skip: Skips Opening Door sequences, allowing to load the next area faster by a a couple of seconds.

This table also comes with general Player/Game Data useful to debug/browse information or alter certain aspects of the game (e.g.: Played Character, Costume, Inventory, etc.)

Author: EyeOfTheMind86

The source of information - Resident Evil 2

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