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Rising Star 2: Table for Cheat Engine {gideon25}


- Can Always Change Attitude Anytime

- Song Idea Parts always Connect (Even if Greyed Out)

- MAX Inspiration (Click on Band Member)

- Max Song Quality (When Writing Songs)

- Max Playskill All Songs (View Song List)

- Musician Editor (Click on Band Member to Populate)

 -- Name

 -- SkillPoints

 -- Repair Points

 -- Level

 -- XP

 -- Inspiration

 -- Health

 -- Happiness

 -- Ego

 --  Skills (Playing, Writing Music, Writing Lyrics, NW, Stage Presence, Production, Repair, Business)

- Band (Click on Band Info to Populate)

 -- Band Name

 -- Money $

 -- Battle Score

 -- Location [Current City]

 -- Popularity [Current City]

 -- Reputation [Current City]

 -- Is Current City a Travel Hub?

Max Popularity All Cities (Band info, View Popularity/Reputation)

Max Reputation All Cities (Band Info, View Popularity/Reputation)

Character Creation: Pick as Many Attitude Pairs as you want->> Dis;

Author: gideon25

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