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Rival Stars Horse Racing : Desktop Edition - Table for Cheat Engine {ndck76}

Game cheat options:

Infinite Quick Race & Story mode Sprint Bar
- You can either edit or pause your sprint bar value. Please select ONE only with the correct value. (I.E. You can edit it by looking at the top sprint bar and count per bar is = 1. For instance, 10 bar = 10, 20 bar = 20,etc and then you can pause it) Also, please deactivate this cheat after every race.

Money (Story Mode)
- Edit or pause your desire money value.
Note: You need to buy something for the value to update.

Version 1.0
- Added a script for Infinite Sprint only.
(Future updates are currently pending)

Update 4: Created a more simpler and refine table version. Activate Numpad 0 for Money Cheat and Numpad + for Infinite Sprint. You now can activate your Infinite sprint without deactivating it after every race. So in the next race your Sprint bar will always be full. (The option can ONLY be use in Exhibition races. However, in story mode you need to activate and deactivate after very race because it will cause the game to perform an infinite loading screen). It's as simple as that. I will still include the edit options as before.

Author: ndck76

The source of information - Rival Stars Horse Racing

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Steam version dont work infinite sprint
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Update pls