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Roboquest: Table for Cheat Engine {Yellowsub}

Current Mods:

RoboQuest (Unpause Game To See Values)
[*]Player Name
[*]Base Address
[*]Weapon Stuff
[*]Reload / Ammo
[*]Current Ammo (X For No Reload - Value to On)
[*]Reload Time
[*]Max Ammo

[*]Fire Rate
[*]No Recoil
[*]Recoil Recovery Speed

[*]Weapon DMG
[*]<-Multiple Weapon DMG Stats. Lock And Change All For Every Weapon->
[*]Can Modify Damage
[*]Weapon Dmg 1
[*]Weapon Dmg 2
[*]Weapon Dmg 3
[*]Weapon Dmg 4

[*]Weapon Spread
[*]Spread Modifier (0 for no spread)
[*]Spread Recovery

[*]Scope Sensitivity Ratio
[*]Gamepad Scope Sensitivity Ratio

[*]Recover Temperature
[*]Max Temperature
[*]Temperature Ratio
[*]Current Temperature


[*]Player Stats
[*]Exp Needed
[*]Current Exp (Set to 0 To LVL Up)

[*]Max Health
[*]Current Health Value (Set to 0 for Full Health)

[*]Max Shield
[*]Current Shield Value (Set to 0 for Full Shield)

[*]WrenchAmount (Complete Level For Value To Change)
[*]Consumed Wrenches
[*]Total Kill Amount

[*]Player Class Abilities
[*]No Ability Timer
[*]Commando Unlock Kill Amount
[*]<- Health Updates After Drone Gets Hit ->
[*]Drone DMG Value
[*]Drone 1 Health
[*]Drone 2 Health

[*]Inf Invis

[*]Current Fury Ratio
[*]Fury Decrease Speed Ratio
[*]Projectile Speed
[*]Projectile Bounce Amount
[*]Homing Range
[*]Homing Acceleration Magnitude
[*]Rocked Damage


[*]Power Slide
[*]Power Slide Default Value
[*]Power Slide Rate
[*]Inf Jet Pack

[*]Inf Jump
[*]Set Jump Amount
[*]Gravity Scale
[*]Jump Damage Modifier

[*]Player Speed
[*]Rails Ride Speed
[*]Lerp Ride Speed



[*]Game Timer
[*]Pause Game Timer (Set to On)
[*]Current Game Timer

[*]Kill Count

[*]Power Cells
[*]Modify Cell Pickup Range (Credit to aSwedishMagyar for this)
[*]<--Set to 100 To Pickup Cells From Across The Map-->

Author: Yellowsub

The source of information - Roboquest

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