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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV: Table for Cheat Engine {izayoixx}

1. Removes the 5 slot limit on traits. There are actually 9 slots on each officer and this script allows you to use them all. Note that you have to add traits to this slot via other means (like van's editor)
2. Removes the Siyi unit lock on non-tribal officers. This makes any officer which has the Siyi unit to be able to use them (again you need to add the Siyi unit to your officer first through van's editor). By default even if you set an officer to have the Siyi unit, game won't let you select them.
3. Set all cities of a specified force to Gigantic scale. Requires you to know the ID of the force you want (you can view these using van's editor again). Just increases the city limits (gold, food, troop, etc.) to match those of the tribes.
4. Misc officer changes. Hides the information of all officers on a specified force and sets their command troop unit to 20k (like all the tribe officers) regardless of titles. You can still issue titles as normal but their command will be locked to 20k.
5. Set minimum food and gold on cities. Requires you to know Division IDs (Not force IDs). All cities of a specified divison will have their gold set to 150k and food to 300k and will not decrease (but can still increase).
Also make sure to enable the traits options before choosing a scenario or loading a game or else the traits will reset. To be safe just enable all options you intend to use before loading or starting any game.

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