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Rune Factory 3 Special: Table for Cheat Engine {minhnhatx}


Damage Multiplier. Deal maximum 9999 damage without needing to upgrade weapons
Infinite HP. Never worry about dying.
Combat lvl Exp Multiplier.
Walk Through Walls
Time of Day, Slow Time Multiplier
Infinite RP, it wasn't giving you maximum RP.
Daria to Friendship Level

Item Editor can now edit equipment upgrades
You can look up items here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FiYoLn3r6vV9cs_pvMICq91N5BDavHa3ljKQ5n4NwMc/edit#gid=0
Item Duplicator. Copy, Paste, Delete
Kuruna, Ondorus, Zaid friendship
Tamed Monster Friendship Level
Instant Tame
Infinite Grace Period

Infinite Waterpot
Instant Crop Growth
Unlimited Requests each day
Item Duplicator - Use this only in your bag.
Do not duplicate items directly to the Forging/Crafting/Cooking/Pharmacy interface! This may crash your game. I have added this note to the table. I will find a way to prevent this
The safest way is to copy the items in your bag before adding it to the crafting interface.
I found out that Speedhack is possible if you open the Launch Configuration Tool and turn off VSync.
This may help with Bean Toss Contest.
Run Speed Multiplier. I nested this under Walk Through Walls.
Auto Fishing. This is a very crude version. Let me know if this doesn't work for you.
Items don't decrease-Cooking/Crafting/Forging/Chemistry
Items don't decrease-Eating
Never Hurricane or Blizzard
All Farm Plots-Soil Quality: Super Good, Fatigue:Low

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