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Rune Factory 4 Special: Table for Cheat Engine {GreenHouse}


- Infinite Health
You won't die no matter what how many times you're hit. ( Health will be set to max when you're hit, so if you level up, it'll still be like it was until you get hit. )

- One Hit Kill
All enemies and objects and killed/destroyed with one single hit.

- Infinite RP NEW
RP won't go down when using abilities or anything that would decrease it.

- Infinite Waterpot Water
The waterpot water will be infinite.

- Automatically Water Tiles NEW
Farm tiles will be automatically watered when you get into the farm. So while enabled, get into the farm at least once, and then you'll be able to go away and they will be watered. ( Even if some crops might not look watered, they are. )

- Skills Experience Multiplier
Multiply the experience of skills by any amount that you want.

- Relationship Points Multiplier NEW
Multiply the relationship points that you get with any action by any amount that you want.

- Freeze Time
Stops time from advancing while the script is active.

- Grow Crops in One Day NEW
Crops will only need a day to grow. I tested it only with Turnips, so if there's any problem let me know.

- [Editable Values] Money, Prince/Princess Points, Lumber, Stones, Tourists
Change the amount that you have to any amount of your choice.

- [Editable Values] World
Change the current day number, hour, minutes and season to anything that you want.

- [Editable Values] Hovered Inventory Item
Get the current hovered item from your inventory, and change its amount and type of object. So if you have 2 cabbages, and want to have 9 golden rings, you can do that.

- [Editable Values] Get NPCs NEW
Gets all NPCs info. Right now there's only relationship points for you to change. If any of the names is 'Unknown' and has '??' relationship points, it means that the NPCs is not available yet and you need to unlock it.

- [Editable Values] Get Highlighted Farm Tile NEW
Get the current highlighted farm tile. You'll be able to edit there, the crop that it is, if it's watered, the growth, and level.
The level I don't really know how it works, but I left it there in case you wanted to try it out. Also, there's multiple crops and objects missing on the list.

Author: GreenHouse

The source of information - Rune Factory 4

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