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Rune Factory 5: Table for Cheat Engine {GreenHouse}


- Freeze Health
Freeze the Player Health to the current amount. So you're pretty much immortal.

- Freeze NPC Partner Health
Freeze the Health of your Partners, making them immortal.

- Freeze RP
Freeze RP to the current amount, so you don't get tired when doing anything.

- Freeze Cam to Default
Make the Camera Type always be default, so when getting into the Farm or anywhere that would change the camera movement style, it won't do so anymore.

- Freeze Footstep Sound to Default
Force Footsteps to be the Default noise. There's shoes that change the noise footsteps do, which I found annoying. If you do too, then this will set them to Default.

- Freeze Time
Stop time from advancing, making you have time to do anything.

- Fishes Instantly Appear
When the fishing rod bait touches the water, fishes will take 1s to appear instead of 10+ seconds that it takes without it.

- Insta-Fishing
When a fish bites the bait, your Character will automatically pull the fish without you needing to do anything. This makes fishing REALLY easy.

- Insta-Plow All Tiles
All Farm Tiles will be plowed at all times.

- Insta-Water All Tiles
All Farm Tiles will be watered at all times.

- Infinite Waterpot Water
The Waterport will have Infinite Water.

- Infinite Bread on Store
Bread sold in stores to get more recipes will be Infinite. You'll always have 2 available, even if you take 500.

- Infinite Compost
When adding a plant to the composter or using the compost in your Farm, it will automatically give you 50K of Compost, making it Infinite.

- Recipes Cost No RP
Recipes will cost no RP.

- No SEED Capture Cooldown
Removes the SEED device Capture Cooldown. Even though it's like 1/2 seconds, it's still a bit annoying.

- All Clothes Available
All Clothes will be available to use on the wardrobe.

- Buildings Always Open
All Buildings will ignore the time to open and close, so they'll be opened at all points.

- Everyone Wants to Adventure
Nobody will say 'No' to going to adventure, except when you have 3 Partners already (No, you can't force having more).

- Partners Don't Leave After Time
Partners won't leave after certain time, so they'll always be with you. ( Not sure if this can break any events or anything. )

- [Visual Utilities] Disable Character Culling
Characters won't faze away when having the Camera near them, so you can observe them from up close 

- [Visual Utilities] Characters Always Visible
Characters will always be visible at any distance and at all points.
Be aware that this one is a bit glitchy, and some characters might float around sometimes instead of running. )

- [Visual Utilities] No Depth Of Field
Removes Depth of Field when looking at character or objects up close.

- [Editable Values] Generic Values
Edit multiple values here, like: Gold, SEED Points, Stone, Lumber, Compost, Esa, and more.

- [Editable Values] Skills
All Skills Levels and Experience will be here to edit to any number you want.

- [Editable Values] Status
Edit the Player Level, Experience, Health and RP.

- [Editable Values] World
Edit different World values here, some I'm not sure if they're useful. Then you can edit the time and day too, which is a single number. The value at 0 would be Day 1 at 12 AM, and 1440 would be exactly 24 hours later. So, if the number is currently 12023 and you want to increase the time by 2 hours, you'd just add 120 to 12023. Pretty straight forward.

- [Editable Values] Last Talked to NPC
Some info of the last talked to NPC. Not many things here, but you can change things like Love Points and if they're your Spouse/Lover and some other things.

- [Editable Values] Get Current Item on Hand
Get the current Item on Hand, and change it to anything else.

Author: GreenHouse

The source of information - Rune Factory 5

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