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Saints Row (2022): Table for Cheat Engine {Cielos}


- health still drop until one chunk remains.

∞ ammo
- allows you to choose to apply ∞ on clip/pouch, or stop decreasing with a minimal value.
- clip default: >= 1
- pouch default: >=30
- you can choose ∞ from the drop-down-list to apply ∞ to the weapon's clip or pouch separately.
- when clip is in ∞, you can reload anytime, but you can't achieve goal or activate skills that require low ammo.
- when clip or pouch is in ∞, the remaining ammo in store or home weapon stash of that weapon would appear at -1, it's normal.
- *IMPORTANT* ∞ effect may stay for the whole game session. e.g., if applied to pouch, even if you reset it to min-value-method, ∞ may retain after reloading a save during the same game session. but that just means if you want to revert back to min-value method, you just have to quite to desktop and restart. this is because of a lazy approach to prevent affecting knuckles or melee weapons' ∞ visual status. not game-breaking, just look strange.

ignore finisher cooldown
- allows you to execute finisher on enemies anytime you want, regardless of the cooldown percentage.
- cooldown would be reset to zero and the percentage would start building up normally once you executed a finisher.

ignore flow
- use flow skills anytime you want, regardless of the remaining flow.
- flow still drop until it reaches zero.

indestructible vehicle
- works on the vehicle you ARE driving on.
- can still be damaged visually, but the health won't go down at all.

fly mod
- by default, press and hold Middle Mouse Button to take off. when you're high enough in air, press game's jump key to deploy wingsuit.
- while gliding in wingsuit, press and hold S key to fly up.

Author: Cielos

The source of information - Saints Row

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