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Sands of Salzaar: Table for Cheat Engine {Cyber}


| Battle Status |

-0% Troop Killed/Injured Prob. (Player Team): Troops that are defeated in battle won't get killed or injured.
-No New Troops Allowed: Prevent new troops from entering battlefield (May not work for siege battle).
-100% Critical Chance (Player Only)
-100% Evasion (Player Only)
-Enemies Retreat From Battle*
-EXP Multiplier
-Infinite Roll
-Infinite SP (Player + Allies)*
-Infinite HP (Player + Allies)*
-No Item Cooldown
-No Skill Cooldown
-Set Movement Speed (Player + Allies)*
-Stealth (Player Only)

| Non Battle Status |

-Add Utar to Merchant: Add 9999999 utar to merchants when they receive money.

-Combine Any Troop and Set Troop Number: Allow player to combine any troop. Must have at least 1 empty troop slot otherwise troop will disappear after combining (use expand troop slot for more slot).
How to use:
Select troop to combine
Select troop as a sacrifice
Set number of troop on the table
Press combine

-Freeze Game Time
-Infinity Item Durability
-Infinite Legacy: After activating this script, open legacy menu (at bottom left of the screen) and player will receive message that legacy points increase. Save the game then start a new game.
-Resources Multiplier: Multiply resources player obtains.
-Infinite Skill: Need at least 1 skill point before unlocking skills.
-Infinite Utar: When player receives utar, 999999 will be added instead.
-Max Reputation: Set player reputation to 100 (temporary) so player can recruit character, join faction, and get girlfriend easily.
-Movement Speed (Roaming)
-No AI Call Reinforcement (Siege Battle): Ai can't send message during siege preparation time.
-No Arcane Cooldown: Player is able to enhance equipment at arcane altar any time.
-No Auto-Remove Expired Items
-No Dungeon Cooldown
-No Dungeon Preparation Time
-No Hunger
-No Siege Preparation Time
-Quick Build/Upgrade
-No Return Scroll Cooldown: After activating this script, in-game, press and hold TAB and right-click return scroll to bypass the cooldown.

-Override Teleport Point: Script will override any teleport point (rally or base) to the specified locations.
How to use:
Activate the script then activate return scroll
Press and hold CAPS LOCK When the options appear (between rally point and base)
Pick one of the options (CAPS LOCK is still pressed)
Release CAPS LOCK after arriving at destination

Hotkey for each location
Num 0: Redstone Valley
Num 1: Zagros Mountain
Num 2: Twinluna Valley
Num 3: West Docana Dessert
Num 4: Umbra Cliffs
Num 5: Crying Rock
Num 6: Ifrit Domain

-Duplicate Item: Allow player to duplicate any item (don't buy item from merchant while this script is active, just in case)
How to use:
Activate the script.
Go to merchant and sell item you want to duplicate.
Select the amount (at least 1) and confirm purchase.
Open inventory and item amount will be increased to 9999 (bypass limit number of item).
When this script is disabled, go to merchant again and the merchant will have 9999 copies of item that you sell.

-Expand Character Slot**: Expand character slot to max 40 (temporary) so player could recruit more characters.
-Expand Troop Slot**: Expand troop slot to max 60 (temporary) so player could recruit more troops.
-Expand Item Slot**: Expand item slot to max 300 (temporary) so player could add more items.

* Some scripts have color type 2 option. Activate this script only when player's color type is 2. This happens when player acts as third-party in battle. In siege battle and for most battle are 1.
** Edit the script to change max value. Later, when player load the save game, player will notices that some characters or troops don't appear at party screen. It is just UI, the units themselves are still in the party.

Author: Cyber

The source of information - Sands of Salzaar

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