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Santa Claus in Trouble (HD): Table for Cheat Engine {VampTY}


> When enabled it will make Santa rise using gravity, he's magic, you can control it and move in front, back, left or right, also has an HK included, meaning Up Arrow and if you're way up in the air, just use the HK and drop a bit and then enable the option again.You can change the speed inside the script where's (float).5 just modify 5 to the value you want, more is faster, less is slower, you get the idea.You can move Santa to any route mandatory or not, won't matter, he's magic, make it to the end in your way.
I made this option with gravity because i didn't wanted to have your favourite finger(s) hurt while abusing the jump button, you might need the finger(s) for something else!
Gifts [Colored/Purple/Yellow]
> No need to collect any gifts at all, though if you want, go ahead and if you're into achievements change the values inside the scripts, where's (int)999, just add a small value, then grab what's needed and all that.
> Yes, unlimited lives and he's not in god mode though, i never wanted to add that!
> Timer is set to 30 mins, you can modify the value inside the script where's (float)1800, just change that 1800 to the value you want.

Author: VampTY

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