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Serious Sam 3: BFE - Table for Cheat Engine {mul0}

Table Functions:

  • Inf.Health - Makes you immortal
  • Inf.Armor - Maximum armor
  • Inf.Ammo - Ammo's not getting reduced.
  • Automatic fire - Automatic firing mode for pistols and shotguns
  • Rapid Fire - Very fast shooting
  • No Collision (Hold "Alt" key for activation) - Disables character Collision (Partially)
  • Super Speed - Makes you super fast
  • Disable cheater protection - Disables the red immortal scorpion / Disables teleportation when shooting a boss / Disables big enemies
  • Fall Protection - Protection from a fall from height
  • Teleportation ("T" key for teleport)("Z" key for teleporting enemies) - Lets you teleport to the side where the camera is looking.

Author: mul0

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