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Smelter: Table for Cheat Engine {ndck76}

Scripts & Editors
Infinite Health Options *Hotkey Included*
One Hit Kill *Hotkey Included* {Only in platforming mode}
Full Invincibility Mode *Hotkey Included* {This will give you full invincibility {well almost} but grounds/walls cannot be destroyed and so is the checkpoints. You need to deactivate it in order to do so. This may effect on enemy bosses as well}
Partial Invincibility Mode *Hotkey Included* {Thrown objects will hurt you but melee attacks from enemies won't. You need to activate Infinite Health as well}
Player Stats *Hotkey Included*
Buildings No Damage *Hotkey Included* {I have set a minimum health for all buildings if being attack. You need to deactivate this cheat if you want to repair it}
Collected Items/Resources *Hotkey Included*

Author: ndck76

The source of information - Smelter

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