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Sniper Elite 5: Table for Cheat Engine {SunBeam}


  • No Stagger God Mode
    Grants you unlimited health and no HUD notification of damage. Player only.
  • Unlimited Clip Ammo
    Grants you unlimited clip ammo. Player only.
  • Unlimited Ammo/Items
    Grants you 999 magazine ammo and items quantity. The number is the devs' choice, not mine Player only.
  • Unlimited Stamina/Heart Rate
    Guess. Player only.
  • No Recoil
    Patches a function processing the weapon recoil. Doesn't kill the screen shake/jolt, so that's that. Player only.
  • Super Accuracy
    No spread for the fired bullets. Player only.
  • Disable Scope Sway
    Disables the SNIPER RIFLE's sway (when you right-click to open the scope). Does not work for any other weapon or ALT (C) mode. Suck it up. Player only.
  • Distance Doesn't Affect Shots
    Fire range is increased and bullets hit in the middle of the crosshair/scope. I think it bypasses the bullet drop (you can ignore the marker). Player only.
  • Perfect Stealth
    • Disable Visual Cone Processing (needs to be re-enabled on map reinit)
      Disables visual detection. You will need to re-enable it if you restart level/quick-load/etc.
    • Disable Sound Detection
      Disables sound detection. Any sound you produce (even firing) isn't detected by the enemy.
    • Disable Entity State Updating (like "PlayersOnly" in Unreal Engine 3)
      This will patch out a function so that area triggers don't let entities initialize. What this means is when you enter a zone that's supposed to spawn a truck or set enemies to move on patrol, they will be frozen in place. In Sniper Elite 4 this was great to find soldiers carrying collectibles, in the sense that you'd always find them in their spawn point 
  • Chams Auto-Tag Enemies On Area Init (disable script to untag/retag)
    Will activate the white overlay around any type of player/enemy, granting you visibility through walls 
  • Player Coordinates
    Displays the player coordinates (XYZ, MapNS, etc.)
  • Hook Crosshair/Scope Coordinates
    Activate this script, then activate Teleport To Scope Pos script. You will now have these options:
    • Z key - Save current position
    • V key - Teleport to saved position back and forth. One press takes your to saved position. Another press takes you back. Cycling.
    • MouseX1 key - Teleport to scope position. First right-click to point with the scope/crosshair to a location, then press MouseX1 key to teleport there.
    • MouseX2 key - Save scope position. First right-click to point with the scope/crosshair to a location, then press MouseX2 key to store the position.

Author: SunBeam

The source of information - Sniper Elite 5

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