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Souldiers: Table for Cheat Engine {ReskyAW}


Heart Pieces




Skill Points

Picked Potions Pocket

Picked Vials Pocket

Picked Shards Pocket

Leveled Life Times

Leveled Shield Times

Leveled Magic Times

Item Life Level

Item Defense Level

Item Attack Level

Item Magic Level

Amulet Life Bar Visual

Amulet Shield Bar Visual

Combo Level

Critic Level

Orb Attack Level

Orb Defense Level

Bomb Player Reduction Level

Black Crystals Inserted

Times Player Weakness Element

Times Enemy Resistance Tutorial

Times Dead

Item Slot Up

Pushed Item

Item To Consume On Anim

Amulet Slots Unlocked

Show Enemy Life

HUD Upgrade Type

Max Life


Max Shield


Orb Bar

Orb Bar Max

Orb Cumulated Heal

Time To Recover Orb

Shards Discount

Attack Fixed Modifier

Attack Variable Modifier

Amulet Attack Fixed Modifier

Amulet AttackVariable Modifier

Amulet Percentual Attack Fixed Modifier

Attack BS Fixed Modifier

Attack BS Variable Modifier

Crit Prob Modifier

Crit Percent Modifier

Super Armor Level

Time To Recover Shield

Time To Cosume Potion

Critic Potion Time

Critic Potion Prob

Regeneration Potion Heal

Regeneration Potion Frequency

Regeneration Potion Time

Next Heal Shot

Invisibility Potion Time

Balsamic Potion Time

Perfect Block End Time

Manual Block Start Time

Next Possible Perfect Block Time

Last Enemy Hit Time

Attack Counter Percent

Heal Orb Speed

Heal Orb Speed Un Equiped

Heal Orb Base Speed

Heal Orb Base Speed Un Equiped

Heal Shield Speed

Heal Shield Base Speed

Heal Shield Speed While Blocking

Heal Shield Base Speed While Blocking

Skill Cool Down Multiplier

Cooldown To Next Weapon Throw

Cooldown To Next Roll

Remaining Shield Attack Cooldown

Author: ReskyAW

The source of information - Souldiers

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